At the 2019 Academy Assembly, a national security conference for undergraduates hosted by the US Air Force Academy.

Welcome to Over the Horizon!

My name is Alison, and I’m a 2020 graduate of the University of Notre Dame. I studied history and political science, concentrating in international relations and also completing a minor in energy studies. I’m using this website to feature some of my writing: original essays, foreign policy-related book and film reviews, and articles on contemporary issues. My interests include security studies, grand strategy, resource and energy issues, and geopolitics, especially great-power rise and retrenchment. I also love writing on historical topics, especially military and strategic history.

This blog centers on security and global affairs-related topics, especially in Asia and the Middle East, but I’m always looking to diversify my subject areas depending on my current interests. My current obsessions are predictive natsec, maritime security (especially with regard to the South China Sea), and China’s Belt and Road Initiative — a project some have deemed the newest iteration of the “Great Game,” and which Western analysts have watched with great interest.

I have aspirations to work in foreign policy long term, most likely in some type of analytical or journalistic capacity. At present, I am a freelance writer at Realist Review and International Policy Digest, where I have written on the future of the Carter Doctrine, Afghanistan’s post-COVID-19 future, China-Taiwan relations, and more. This blog serves to collate miscellaneous writings, some published elsewhere and some not. Please feel free to reach out with questions and comments on the “Contact” page!

Graduation from ND, May 2020

With an F-4D Phantom, Air Force Academy, October 2019

Visiting Oxford on a research trip to Britain, August 2019

Presenting research at my alma mater, May 2018


Thank you to those who inspired, and continue to inspire, my work.

everything I am and do, I owe to you.

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