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Myanmar: Crossroads at a Crossroads

Myanmar lies at the intersection of energy security, intrastate violence, and Southeast Asian proxy interests.  Two months into its military coup, what lies next for this geopolitically critical nation? In this post, I take a look at the Sino-Burmese relationship and the coup’s implications for this complex relationship going forward. Most of my writings thusContinue reading “Myanmar: Crossroads at a Crossroads”

Blog Update: April 2021

Followers of this blog may note that it has been several months since I have published a new essay or book review—I published my last article in mid-July 2020, to be exact.  During the time that has passed since then, I have kept busy with my job and with various readings, as well as byContinue reading “Blog Update: April 2021”

Could the US Defeat China in a Great-Power War?

Only if we defeat the technological path dependence paralyzing the military, argues analyst Chris Brose Chinese military honor guard marching in 2012 to mark JCOS Staff Marine General Peter Pace’s visit to Beijing (Wikimedia Commons). Have thirty years of unipolar hegemony lulled the American military-industrial complex into complacency? According to Aspen Institute defense policy analystContinue reading “Could the US Defeat China in a Great-Power War?”

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